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making travel easier: packing

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Suitcases make travel cumbersome. Having to pay to bring the necessary luggage is less fun. Overweight baggage charges, worse yet. For a trip lasting 4 nights or less, commit to only brining carry-on luggage. Sound difficult? Here’s how to make it work:

  • The average allowable carry-on size for airlines is 45 linear inches. Once filled, the suitcase pictured measures 20” x 15” x 10”. I find that my carry-on appears much smaller than all other travelers, but it also easily fits in a standard overhead plane compartment.

  • Stick to one neutral color palate to build your wardrobe for the week: black, blue, or brown.

  • Lay out each outfit with accessories to make sure nothing is missing (e.g. dress that has a specific belt, top that requires special undergarments, shoes that need unique socks).

  • Decide in advance which outfits will be worn on each day, to avoid over packing.

  • Roll each outfit separately and stack inside suitcase. Rolling clothes tend to make them more compact and it will be easier to locate items when unpacking.

  • Tuck socks, jewelry, and other small items into shoes.

  • Pear down toiletries to the necessities.

  • Plan to wear the same pants on each travel day. Just bring a new shirt, saving space on half of an outfit.

  • If you plan to bring a cardigan or jacket, wear it on the plane.

  • Wear the bulkiest shoes on each travel day.

  • Limit shoes to 3 pairs – including what you wear on travel day.

  • Bring a small amount of detergent to hand wash items that can hang dry – socks, undergarments, workout clothes

For a 4-day work trip:

(List geared toward women)

Travel day 1

Jeans, top, cardigan, running shoes

Conference Day 1 – Set-up

Pants, blouse, flats, workout clothes, running shoes

Conference Day 2 – Event day

Pants, blouse, flats, workout clothes, running shoes

Conference Day 3 – Event day

Pants, blouse, flats, dress for banquet or other formal function, heels

Travel day 2

Jeans, top, cardigan, running shoes

Other items

Undergarments, socks, pajamas

...until we meet again!

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