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managing event stress and health

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Leading up to and during any event, stress levels rise. This stress and a busy schedule can take time away from sleeping, eating, exercising, and focusing on overall health. Below are some tips to help keep stress low and remain healthy during events.

Pre-Event Stress Relief:

Anything that can be done in advance will alleviate anxiety and save time...

  • Create a packing list (event & personal) that can be used every time or create specific lists for each event throughout the year.

  • If there aren’t scheduled meal functions, order lunches in advance through the venue. Keep it simple with box lunches – allowing it to be easily eaten anywhere.

  • Arrive on-site one day prior to clients and pre-con. I like to go through the check-in process before anyone else, get keys to the staff office/storage, and become familiar with the venue layout (even if the event is held at the same location as the previous year).

Commit to Health On-site:

A successful event isn't possible if the organizer isn't at their best...

  • Organize the sleeping room like it would be at home. Being able to quickly put hands on every item will keep getting ready quick and efficient. During my first night, I like to iron my clothes and set out toiletries.

  • Keep a regular bed-time and routine. Being groggy won't help to make clear and

quick decisions when challenges arise.

  • Always have snacks on hand for a mid-morning or afternoon boost. I like packaged nuts, bananas, and nutrition bars.

  • Stay hydrated! Drinking plenty of water will help to keep headaches at bay. Travel with a refillable water bottle, so there is no temptation to reach for a soda.

  • Schedule exercise before or after the event day... Being exhausted is a constant struggle during the event week, but making time to take a walk, run, workout in the gym, or do yoga will help jump-start a morning or decompress at the end of rough day. I like to run in the morning while the sun is rising, it gives me the feeling of being accomplished before the rest of the world is awake.

  • For extra support, consider taking vitamins. They may help fill the nutrient gaps while having an unusual schedule.

...until we meet again!

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