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planning for... an expo

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Expos are a unique part of a conference, which add great value to stakeholders. I’ve worked with multiple types of expos over the years and each has different needs and requirements. Because they are all so different, it’s hard to put one list together to cover everything that’s needed. Here are some questions to get started on the planning process:

  • Is the decorator (aka exhibit/exhibition services contractor) secured?

  • Other than exhibit booths, what important features need to be included on the layout created by the decorator?

  • How much time does the decorator need to mark the floor and set-up?

  • What are the exhibitor set-up and move-out times?

  • Has the fire marshal provided approval on the layout?

  • Is the correct liability insurance in place, including additionally insured?

  • Are there significant trash needs, requiring the dumpster to be emptied multiple times?

  • Do exhibitors who are hiring installation and dismantle labor need to complete an EAC (Exhibitor Appointed Contractor) form?

  • Does the show require a fire watch?

  • Do exhibitors have permission to distribute food and beverage samples?

  • Is security required? During show hours or 24-hours?

  • Who is allowed on the show floor at specific times? What credentials do they need to gain access? Who is monitoring floor access?

  • Are there announcements that need to be made throughout the show?

  • Does the venue have union labor rules?

  • What other contractors/services need to be secured for exhibitors to use?

  • Does the venue have preferred or exclusive vendors for audio/visual, catering, electrical, and decorator contractors?

  • Does the exhibit hall offer air conditioning/heat during set-up?

  • When can exhibitor shipments arrive on-site?

  • What special needs do exhibitors have for their displays?

  • What requirements does show management have for exhibitors (eg. floor covering, fire extinguishers)?

  • What display rules is show management enforcing?

  • Will there be a non-profit to collect exhibitor donations at the close of the show?

If you don’t know which of questions to ask, reach out to me and let’s discuss!

…until we meet again.

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