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meeting planner tackle box

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

When traveling for an event, it can be stressful to be away from the comforts of the office and all the regular supplies you depend on each day. For my events, I never leave home without what I've dubbed my 'meeting planner tackle box.' To create your own, here is what I recommend:

container: I prefer an actual soft-side tackle box -- hence the name. You can also use a craft box or other type of supply box. When selecting the container I discovered that the tackle box came with several pockets that are great for sorting and (2) plastic utility boxes that allow the compartments to be configured into many options to accomodate items of varying size. I also chose the soft-side version in order to prevent it from cracking in my suitcase while flying.

contents: If you need it, think you might need it, or hope you don't need it... bring it!

(I mention a few specific brands in my list of contents, only because I like the products, not because I'm receiving a royalty.)

DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo with accompanying cords, (1) roll of adhesive DYMO name badge labels 2.25" x 4", Duct tape, shipping tape, clear tape, super glue, Apple dongle for Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter, AA batteries, AAA batteries, scissors, stapler, staples, Papermate twist-style mechanical pencils, blue ballpoint pens, chisel tip permanent black Sharpie marker, fine point permanent black, red, and blue Sharpie markers, ultra fine point permanent black and red Sharpie markers, Post-it notes, mini-size and pocket-size pads of paper, rubber bands in a variety of sizes, velcro-type fasteners, paper clips, binder clips, safety pins, adhesive bandages (this is not intended to replace an actual first aid kit), facial tissues, travel size towelettes, cash for tips, gum/mints (for personal use), ibuprofen (also for personal use).

packing: Surprisingly, all of these items will fit in the container. This particular container is 13" wide x 8" tall x 9" deep and came with (2) utility boxes. Adjust the the sections within the utility boxes to fit the small items and fill the tackle box.

If you have questions about the contents of the 'meeting planner tackle box' or have your own items you never travel without? Let me know.

...until we meet again!

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